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Our Services

At the Ballajura Medical Centre we can offer you and your family the following services:

Health Assessments and Care Plans

Our team of doctors can provide health assessments and care plans for all eligible patients. The purpose of this health assessment and subsequent care plan is to help identify any risk factors exhibited by a patient that may require further health management. In addition to assessing a person's health status, a health assessment is used to identify a broad range of factors that influence a person's physical, psychological and social functioning.

Minor Surgeries

Our team of doctors can conduct minor surgery including  excision, biopsy or radiocautery (burning) of skin lesions (moles, lumps and bumps, skin cancers), wedge resection of the toenail or family planning procedures including Mirena and Implanon insertions and removals.

The procedures are usually carried out in our Treatment room and may involve an injection of local anaesthetic. Please let your doctor know if you are allergic to plasters, iodine, lignocaine or adrenaline.  Also it is important to let your doctor know if you are on blood thinning agents especially Warfarin.


Our nurses have considerable experience with the WA infant vaccination  schedule and liase with the Australian Childhood Immunization Register when there are complicating factors such as immunizations commenced overseas or  previous vaccination reactions or delayed commencement.
We can provide assessments and ongoing management in general Paediatrics.  Our services include:
    1. Immunisations,
    2. General health checks,
    3. Feeding and diet advice,
    4. Behavioural issues,
    5. Chronic disease assessment such as eczema and warts

Workers Compensation

Our team of doctors will manage your employee's injury through the treatment process.
In the initial treatment phase our doctors will develop a treatment plan in consultation with your employee.  This treatment plan may consist of:
  • Assessment of the injury
  • Scheduling of regular of appointments
  • Pathology testing, if necessary
  • Referral for consultant specialist treatment as requested
  • X-rays, Ultrasounds, MRI's and CT Scans
  • Physiotherapy and other relative allied health services
We will provide you and your insurers with regular reports on the progress of your employee's treatment plan.  Once your employee has completed their treatment plan, we will then conduct an assessment of their fitness to resume regular or light duties and make recommendations as necessary.
For further information please see our Corporate Health services page

Mental Health and Counselling

A mental health treatment plan is for the long term treatment of a mental health condition that interferes with cognitive, emotional or social abilities. Once a treatment plan is in place, you are eligible for Medicare vouchers that help subsidise the cost of seeing a psychologist or counsellor.



Dr Esther Moses is a qualified laser acupuncturist. Low level laser therapy is the application of infra-red light to injured or damaged tissues to promote healing and give pain relief. Laser acupuncture is the stimulation of specific skin points which transmit electrical impulses along nerves to the spinal cord and brain, resulting in healing and general improvement in health and well being. 
Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China, although the Western world did not learn about it until the 1970s. The ancient Chinese believed that Qi ("chee") or life energy flows through the acupuncture channels or meridians to maintain homeostasis - a healthy balance - within the body. Stimulation of points along these meridians promotes healing to restore that healthy balance. 
Today we can combine the benefits of Western knowledge with these Eastern techniques, and we can now use laser rather than needles. 


Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your family. At Ballajura Medical Centre we consider it a privilege to care for you. Our focus is YOUR pregnancy and we endeavour to tailor the care we provide in a way which meets your individual needs